Monday, August 21, 2017

Box over mooncakes

4 mini mooncakes in a nice jewellery/jewelry glass/mirror box. There are 4 designs for the box: flower, swans, blue peacock and white peacock. This swan design is popular for the romantics. Glass/mirror lined the 4 sides of the box and also the top so the grey border around the inner dark square where the swans are, is the reflection of the walls and ceiling and not the artwork.

I did not know that white peacock exists until I searched online for information about white peacocks. According to many websites, white peacocks are not albinos, they are a genetic variant of the blue peacocks. After watching white peacocks videos online, I think they are more beautiful than the usual peacocks we see in our local zoos.

The boxes have LED lights and are operated by a switch inside the box which is powered by two AAA batteries (I did not take the batteries out to confirm that they are AAA batteries but since they are so slim, I think they are AAA batteries and not AA batteries).

This is how the interior looks like. It is too dark to be seen in the photo above but there are a few slots for rings to be stored.

I selected Set A and Set B but I think Set D gives the most value for money. My friend who is a member helped us buy these mooncake sets so that we could get the 20% discount resulting in MYR110.40 nett per box inclusive of 4 mini mooncakes.

I pre-ordered the blue peacock and swans boxes but the hotel gave my friend the white peacock box by mistake and then I thought maybe white peacock looks better so I did not exchange the box for a blue peacock box. What do you think? Blue or White peacock?

This is the flower design with real pearls. My friend thinks this box design gives the most value for money because of the pearls.

So far we only cut one mooncake to try. The yellow bean is mung bean and the golden pandan is lotus paste with pandan flavour. Tastes nice, more to salty than sweet for this one. I am not too particular about the mooncakes as long as the taste is acceptable because I bought them for the jewellery/jewelry boxes which I plan to give away as gifts after I have eaten the mooncakes. :D

Sunday, August 20, 2017


I revisited Sekinchan Catch at One Utama to have a bowl of Red Grouper fish slice noodle (soup) again (MYR25 nett) but was told that it was not available for the day so I settled for the next best fish slice noodle.

Mackerel fish slices with vermicelli (mee hoon) in clear broth at MYR17 nett. Light and tasty with a generous portion of fish slices. I counted at least 7 sizeable slices. I must remember to order hor fun instead of mee hoon next time because this mee hoon is not as soft as I wanted it to be.

My 4 friends all ordered the Fish Ball noodles at MYR10 nett.

After my lunch, I went to buy Old Chang Kee Curry Puff with its "Buy 5 get 1 free" offer at MYR12 nett but I did not check the number of puffs in the paper bag when the cashier handed me the bag so when I reached home, I found out that there were only 5 curry puffs in the bag when it should be 6. Lesson learnt. Always remember to check the food and the bill on the spot.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Went to Canton-i to have prawns again. Brocoli and prawns at MYR32+ (10% service charge, MYR35.20 nett). The prawns (6) are fresh and juicy but I did not like the gravy that coated all the prawns so the search continues. 

Two of us also ordered a plate of wanton duck drumstick noodles (dry) at MYR21+ (MYR23.10 nett). Must order a similar meal at Yummy duck, Kuchai Lama to compare the price and taste one fine day. Total bill for 2 persons is MY79.75 nett.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Cotton Tail Cafe

I heard that a cafe with nice quality coffee has just started business sometime early July this year (2017) near the Leafz Condo so I dropped by to check it out.

Cotton Tail cafe is located on floor 1, above a pharmacy. You can see the Leafz Condo behind it.

There is a nicely handwritten chalk board next to the entrance to the stairway.

Clean and brightly lit stairway.

This sign greeted us at the top of the stairway. Ah, so CottonTail refers to CottonTail rabbits.

It was about 4 pm on a Saturday and we were the only patrons there. Behind the glass doors is the smoking area.

The interior - nice and clean.

We ordered a Mocha (MYR11.90 nett) and a Flat White which is free because there is a promotion of buy 1 drink to get a free drink during the opening period. I am not a coffee person so all I can tell is the coffee has a thick strong taste to it and not those diluted coffee.

A slice of cake for MYR9.90 nett. An acceptable slice of chocolate cake.

Total bill for 2 pax is MYR21.80 nett.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tororo Yamaimo

After reading PH's post about the Yuzu dipping broth I had to try it because I like the taste of Yuzu so there I was at Mitsuyado SeiMen, Starling Mall to eat Tsukemen (dipping ramen/noodles).

Tororo Yamaimo and Quill egg Tsukemen (Regular portion) at MYR31.90+ (10% service charge so the nett price is MYR35.10). The broth in this meal is Yuzu dipping broth, a very thick and flavourful broth with a hint of yuzu taste.

Guide to eating Tsukemen: 1. Choose hot or cold noodles (we chose hot noodles because we have eaten cold noodles before). 2. Dip noodles in broth. 3. Slurp noodles. 4. Add dashi soup to the thick broth to adjust the taste in order to drink the soup.

I ordered the above Tsukemen set because I have eaten this Tororo Yamaimo in Japan and I like the taste a lot so when I saw this dish on the menu I jumped at the chance to order it. Yamaimo means Mountain Yam and Tororo Yamaimo means Grated Mountain Yam which is a sticky slimy paste made from Mountain Yam. It is a cold dish. I like it because I can taste the "raw" natural very slightly sweet taste of the mountain yam through this cold dish. 

Although I don't like to eat raw eggs, after mixing the raw quill egg yolk into the yam paste, it is as if the raw egg is not there so I find the taste of this dish matches my expectation from my experience eating it in Japan. I would recommend adventurous foodie to try this dish and be prepared to dislike it. If you find you like it, it would be a nice surprise. Next round, I am going to try the natto tsukemen. Natto is fermented soybeans.   

The thick yuzu dipping broth contains lots of ingredients in it but I did not take time to identify what they were because I was too busy eating them.

Cheese Tsukemen (Regular portion) - MYR29.90+ (MYR32.90 nett). The broth provided is also yuzu dipping broth. The cheese is melted cheddar cheese. The taste reminds me of the cheese in McD cheese burgers.

We did dilute the thick broth with dashi soup in order to drink it. I taste the dashi soup on its own and like the clear taste of dashi and daikon (chinese white radish).

Roasted pork with egg ramen (regular portion) - MYR28.90+ (MYR31.80 nett). There is only one slice of pork. The broth is very flavourful. The ramen noodle is very different from the Tsukemen noodle. The latter has a "kansui" (alkaline salt) taste to it and the noodle is fatter so I prefer Tsukemen because I like the taste of "kansui" in noodles.

Yuzu sorbet and Black Sesame Ice cream - MYR5.90+ each (MYR6.50 nett). I will order Yuzu sorbet again.

Total bill for 4 pax is MYR144.55 nett and we took a lot of Tsukemen noodles home because we could not finish them.

Still a queue during peak hours. I will be back to try the Natto Tsukemen

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Salted Eggs Prawns

We were back at Hou Keng Eatery, Taman Bukit Mayang Emas for lunch and I ordered a plate of salted eggs prawns at MYR27 nett (small portion). One of my friend shared this plate of prawns with me.

There are 12 prawns with shells, so very different from the ones I ate in Canton-i (without shells). As the shells were very crispy, I ate the shells as well although I prefer to eat them without the shells but I was too lazy to peel them so shells and all went into my tummy.

Salt and Pepper Pork Fried Rice - MYR8.90 nett which includes a glass of Lo Hon Go drink.

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet Rice - MYR8.90 nett which includes a glass of Lo Hon Go drink.

My plate of rice (small portion) MYR1.20 nett and my friend shared some of the fish fillets and vegetables with me.

Total Bill for 5 persons is MYR63.30 nett.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


A bowl of pork noodles with everything in it for MYR10 nett at Yuyi Coffee Shop, Pudu. Everything as in liver, kidney, intestines, blood cubes, minced pork, pork slices and lard. My spouse likes it but I did not taste it.