Friday, October 20, 2017

Aunty Christina Sarawak Laksa

I have eaten Aunty Christina Sarawak Laksa when she operated from a stall in a coffee shop in Lucky Garden, Bangsar so when I read that she has a shop now in Seapark, PJ, I went there to have lunch one day. A standard portion of Sarawak Laksa costs MYR9 nett. The broth given is as shown in the photo, I have not started eating the laksa yet when this photo was taken. My friend who has just eaten Sarawak Laksa at Poh Lam Laksa stall at Chong Choon Cafe in Kuching says that it tastes similar except that the one here is more salty.

I ordered a glass of barley pumpkin drink at MYR2.50 nett. I drank half before taking this photo.

A closer look.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Poke Bowl

After eating the Poke Bowl at Eatomo, I have always wanted to try another one.

A wide bowl but not deep. 

If one can't decide on what to select, one can order one of these best sellers. Please click the above photo for a larger image.

This is my selection: no rice, just vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and shrimps.

My selection costs MYR17.90 nett but I have 10% discount so I only paid MYR16.10 nett.

Please click on the photo above for a larger image. 

This is my selection: 
- No rice, baby greens that turned out to be just lettuce, 
- one sauce instead of two. I chose herby lime as all the sauces in the top row have mayo in them and I don't quite like mayo. 
- For the 4 sides, I selected fruits: pineapples and mangoes; nuts: almonds and walnuts which turned out to have been replaced by cashew nuts. 
- Avocado is not available else I would have considered adding it under the "premium add on" category by paying an additional MYR2,90 nett. 
- For the unlimited toppings, one would be tempted to tick all the circles but I guess the taste may clash so I just select fish roe and all the seeds: sunflower, pumpkin, flax and chia. 
- For protein, it is shrimps for me.

The choices

Protein choices

My friends' poke bowls.

This bowl has a premium add-on of a poached egg.

Another bowl with poached egg

The Fish Bowl at One Utama

After a healthy meal, there is room for not-so-healthy food so I went and bought some snacks (3 pieces at MYR5 nett) from SS2 Goreng Pisang kiosk at One Utama to feast on.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Early one morning at 8 am, I decided to eat rice porridge with some dishes (braised hard boiled egg, bittergourd and glass noodles mixed vegetables) from the mix rice stall. The above costs MYR5 nett. It is nice to have a change from the usual soup noodles.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Thai Fish Burger

We went to try the Thai Fish Burger (Green Curry Sauce) set (MYR15.99 nett). We also bought another set meal which is double fish o fillet (MYR13 nett). 

The fish is crispy and has green curry sauce over it which is not shown in the photo above. The green curry is spicy. I would say that this is a good attempt by McD because it tastes quite good.

This fillet-o-fish burger remains our favourite so we ordered the double fillet to share.

We added 50 cents for each meal set to upgrade the soft drinks to a cup of coffee and a cup of tea so these two set meals cost MYR30 nett.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Instant noodles

My friend bought the following noodles from Sibu and she asked me if I want to buy any of them.

I bought these two packs (this photo and the bottom photo). One big pack (MYR15 nett each) contains 5 small individually packets of noodles with sachets of lard and soy sauce.

My spouse cooked one small packet and told me that the soy sauce is quite salty. I have not tried them yet.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Operations ceased

It has been quite a few months since we visited Jaya Shopping Center, PJ and when we dropped by recently, I noticed that the Soup Restaurant is closed. The last time we ate at this outlet, (we only ate  at this outlet twice), the chicken was not as tasty as before.

This notice was on the glass door. They have closed this outlet since 2 Oct 2017. The nearest outlet is at One Utama which we have also been to in 2014.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


On the right

On the left

In the middle