Friday, July 21, 2017


We have eaten these mini durian tarts before and we like it so we bought them again at MYR7.20 nett a box for 6 mini tarts.

But they were not the same as before. The texture of the fillings used to be like the usual egg tarts - firm yet soft custard but now the fillings are like thick cream paste so we do not like it although we finished eating all these, we won't buy them again.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Munching Mob

Whenever I am in this area (Arked Esplanad Bukit Jalil), I would eat at Friendship Cafe (despite its name, it is just a common coffee shop with a few hawker stalls) or at On On Bak Kut Teh (another common coffee shop nearby). On this day, Friendship Cafe was closed and it was full house at On On Bak Kut Teh so we ended up in a proper cafe.

I ordered the big breakfast at MYR24 nett. I would say that it is good value for scrambled egg, 2 fluffy pancakes, 2 crispy pork belly bacon, lots of mushrooms, a big slice of tomatoes and some greens. The cup of Flat White (coffee) in the photo above belonged to my friend at MYR10 nett.

My friend had the special of the day which is "Ayam Masak Merah" (chicken cooked in red sauce) at MYR17 nett. If you are not a rice person I would recommend going for the western dishes instead of the rice meals because there are better versions of this rice meal elsewhere at a lower price though this is quite a decent dish with two pieces of chicken and coconut milk rice (nasi lemak).

A rather expensive brunch at MYR51 nett for two seeing that our intention was just to order from hawker stalls at a common coffee shop but ended up here. To be fair, the big breakfast is value for money.

Order and Pay at the counter (Cash payment only)

Loud striking decor

Munching Mob has been here for almost 2 years but I have never noticed it until now. Can you spot the On On Bak Kut Teh coffee shop?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Original Cake

About 5 months ago, I saw the long queue at Sunway Velocity. I was in One Utama recently on a weekday and took the opportunity to buy the available cakes (cheese and chocolate flavours) to try as there were only 6 persons in the queue and 4 of them were waiting for the cake with original flavour which was still in the oven. I did not want to wait for the original flavour cake so I just bought the two flavours that were available.

Cheese Flavour - MYR20 nett. It is about 20 cm x 10 cm x 8 cm and I was surprised to find that it is quite heavy.

Side view. You can see the very light tasting cheese oozing out of the cake. The texture of the cake is fine, soft but quite dense. The cake tastes like the original flavour cake except for the layers of cheese in it. As this cake has been out of the oven for quite some time, it was not as soft as the one I ate in Taiwan which was just out of the oven. The instructions on the box recommend consumers to finish eating this cake within 3 days and the cake must be kept in the fridge after 10 hours from the time of purchase.

The chocolate flavour cake at MYR25 nett. It is the same size as the cheese cake with the same texture.

Light chocolate taste.

MYR45 nett just for cakes. Do eat it immediately after it is just out of the oven to get the best taste and texture. That is only if you are curious about it as some people may say that it is just a common sponge cake with a strong egg taste.

There are more branches now.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Green Garden Organic

My friend selected this eatery for lunch after reading theyumlist and I planned to order the "Lei Cha" meal but changed my mind later because I wanted to compare their vegetarian nasi lemak with the one that I had eaten previously in Midvalley.

Nasi Lemak set at MYR11.90 nett. I kept half of the rice and some of the rendang for dinner. The vegetarian rendang tastes very good - creamy and not salty. I prefer this vegetarian nasi lemak to the one I ate at another eatery because this one is not salty as that one.

A bowl of soup and a small glass of herbal drink that were part of the lunch set.

Their tagline: Tasty meals with healthy endings

Located on the upper floor, Bandar Manjalara (near Kepong)

Total bill is MYR68.10 for 4 pax. I share some of the dishes above with my 3 friends.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Crispy but Oily

I have been to Go Noodle at One Utama, MidValley Mall, and Jaya One and each time I see people ordering fried bean curd sheets so I wanted to try too.

A basket of deep fried bean curd sheets for MYR6.60+ (10% service charge = MYR7.25 nett). There are 12 small square pieces. Very crispy but very oily too. Once is enough. There are no fillings, they are just plain bean curd sheets that have been deep fried.

Prawns mee xian MYR16.40+ (10% service charge = MYR18.05 nett). We added a serving of bursting meatballs to it (3 bursting meatballs in 1 serving) at MYR3.50+ (MYR3.85 nett). The prawns taste very fresh, as good as those served in other branches.

Go Noodle at The Starling Mall is enjoying good business as there is a queue and we had to sit outside on the seats provided to wait for our turn which took about 20 mins.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Do not Dare

These are some layered cakes (kuih lapis/kek lapis) that my co-worker bought from Sarawak but I did not try them because they are too colourful to be eaten in my opinion.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Yeng Kee Noodle House

Before we went to Cute Cute Angku's shop, we ate breakfast at a nearby shop.

Sang Yu Mee Hoon - MYR9.50 nett and a cup of coffee - MYR1.50 nett.

Sek Pan Fish with Mee Hoon - MYR13 nett.

There are also bottles of wine that belong to customers being stored in the shop. Customers will pour wine from their own bottles into their fish soup everytime that they eat at this shop. 

Located at some flats near Yulek Market.

Business must be good because it occupies two shop lots underneath the flats.