Sunday, May 20, 2018

Thoughts count

My friend went to Vietnam for her vacation and bought this pop-up card for me. Front.

Back. Do you keep cards that friends gave you forever or do you throw them away after a certain period?

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Worth it or Not

After eating so many times at Go Noodle branches in a few malls, I have decided that the only item I am going to order there from now onwards is the fish grouper slices meehoon clear soup which costs MYR 18.80+ (10% service charge so it is MYR 20.70 nett). There are 5 slices of fish slices in 1 serving.

The others that I have eaten before such as La La (clam) mee hoon clear soup for MYR 14.20 nett and Prawns mee hoon clear soup with 3 prawns for MYR 18 nett could be eaten elsewhere at a better price. Their bursting balls though are still a favourite for pork meatballs lovers but since I am impartial to pork, I will only order it if my dining companions want to share the meatballs.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Cool Baum Matcha

This photo is not very clear because I have to quickly take a photo with the cake still inside its packaging so that I could eat the ice cream and cake as fast as I could before the ice cream melts. 

This is a slice of Baumkuchen (Tree Ring Cake) with green tea matcha ice cream in the middle of the cake at MYR 5.80 nett. The cake is slightly sweet with a taste of honey which goes well with the slightly bitter matcha ice cream in the middle. There are two other flavours - original and chocolate which I may try next time.

I ate it immediately after I bought it because it needs to be stored in the freezer (below 10 degree C) if not eaten.

Cool Baum Matcha at MYR 5.80 nett.

Another photo to show the size of this Baum as compared to my hand.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

WG Pulled burger set

A rather large plate of salad that is included in my lunch set. It has Romaine lettuce and tomatoes only. The set also includes a small glass of chilled lemonade which is quite sweet, made from fresh lemons.

My pulled pork burger with coleslaw and fries.

The pulled pork with onions is on the sweet side. I kept half the portion for dinner.

Betty's Midwest Kitchen at Aman Suria.

I find it weird that the receipt did not state the names of the food items we ordered but the prices listed are correct and that is the important part so we did not make a fuss but paid up.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Rou Yuan

Two fish paste balls in soup - NTD 25 (about MYR 3.35 at the exchange rate of MYR 13.4 for NTD 100). Additional soup is foc. 

Next to the soup is a bowl of a single "彰化肉圓" (Chang Hua Rou Yuan) - literal translation is Changhua Meatball where Changhua is a county in Taiwan at NTD 40 (about MYR 5.35). Although it is called meatball, it is more like a dumpling with pork meat inside it.

This is also a food item that originated in Taiwan and is sold in most night markets there. I don't think it can be found here. Wiki has more info about it. My friend who used to live in Taiwan told me that this is one of the best "Rou Yuan" in Taipei.

Basically this is a dumpling with translucent soft chewy skin made of corn starch, sweet potato flour and rice flour with fillings of pork meat, bamboo shoots and mushrooms as can be seen in the photo above. The coriander garnishing makes the taste of this meatball dumpling more interesting as with the orangy red chili sauce on top. Those who like to eat soft chewy dumpling skins would love to eat this.

The dumplings were first steamed and then reheated in low temperature hot oil before being served to customers. This is a self-service small and clean eatery so we cleared our own table after we have finished eating the meatball dumplings.

阿財彰化肉圓 (Ah Chai Chang Hua Rou Yuan) is the name of this shop in Taipei. We were lucky that day that there was no queue. I read online that some people reported long queues where they had to wait for about 30 mins.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tamsui A-gei

阿給(A-gei) is another food item that originated in Taiwan and I believe are only sold in Tamsui / Danshui (淡水). A-gei comes from the word "Abura-age" (deep fried bean curd). 

It is a deep fried bean curd (tofu) that is stuffed with glass noodles (tong hoon) and sealed with fish paste. It is served in a tasty broth with fermented soybean chili sauce on top. It is somewhat like the yong tofu here but more elaborate and is delicious!

I like those A-gei that have soft glass noodles in them. There are a few shops that sell A-gei with more chewy and springy glass noodles so I avoid going to those shops.

Looks messy but tastes wonderful! I can eat two of these. One costs about NTD 40 (MYR 5.35 at the exchange rate of NTD 100 for MYR 13.40).

"老牌阿給" (Lao Pai A Gei - literal meaning is "Old Style A Gei") above is my favourite A-gei shop. There are two other shops next to it that I have tried but the glass noodles in their A-Gei are too springy and not soft enough for me. 

We like to eat A-Gei at this shop so much that on another visit, we ordered 6 bowls to share between 4 pax.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Food in Air

Snacks and a glass of apple juice before the main meal.

Fish pasta with tasty appetiser (prawns with mango salad) fruits (honey melon, pineapple, watermelon) and dessert (peach cake).

The dory fish was not fresh and the pasta was too dry at most places. Only the carrots and broccoli taste fine.

The other option was chicken with rice which turned out to taste better than the fish pasta.

On the return flight the food tastes much better.

Red wine to go with the braised beef slices. The potatoes, carrots and broccoli taste fine too.

Appetiser: chicken slices and pickled vegetables. Fruits: Apple, pineapple and honey melon.

I think this is prune cake. Sometimes the meals served are quite delicious.