Monday, December 18, 2017


My order - Fish and Chips at MYR 19 nett. I am not sure what fish it was but it was definitely not dory so it was acceptable.

Prawn Pasta at MYR 20 nett. My friend said it was tasty.

Chicken Bolognese Pasta at MYR 17 nett.

Florentine - MYR16.90 nett - poached eggs served on turkey ham, spinach and muffin. You can read in detail about what Florentine means in this article.

We got a 15% discount for making an appointment using the off peak mobile app.

Order and pay at the counter and the food will be delivered to your table.

Eat at J's cafe in PJ.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Crispy biscuits

My friend gave me this pack of biscuits from Korea.

It is very buttery and creamy.

Very thin too so have to handle with care or else it will crumble before reaching the mouth.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Only for its Coffee

My set lunch: Chicken and scrambled eggs with cilantro lime rice at MYR 16.95 nett with a cup of hot tea and a small glass of lemon infused drinking water. The rice has a bit of an off smell in certain parts and we did feed back to the cafe only to be told that it could be the smell of cilantro which I personally do not think so because to me, cilantro does not smell like that. Nevertheless I ate the rice because it is just a bit of off-smell and I do not want to waste it. I have to say that so far the rice did not do me any harm as far as I can tell.  

Set Lunch - Chicken Chop at MYR 16.95 nett. The chicken chop seemed to be sitting in oil so my friend asked for another plate and moved the chicken there in an attempt to shake the oil off the chicken chop.

Set Lunch for Two - Sriracha Chicken Pasta with mushrooms and eggs at MYR 32.85 nett. My friends like the taste of this pasta and the coffee served here. They ordered two cups of Flat White coffee instead of having the set lunch hot tea so the cafe deducted MYR 2 nett each for the two cups of hot tea that were included in this set lunch.

Order and pay at this counter. The meals will then be delivered to the table/customers

Total bill.

Store front

From afar

Friday, December 15, 2017

Prawn Noodle King

I heard about this new Prawn Noodle Eatery from Penang in OUG so I went to have a try. Original Prawn Noodle at MYR 6.90+ (5% service charge = MYR 7.25 nett). The broth is very tasty and I did not feel thirsty after drinking it.

Prawn Noodle with Mantis Prawn - MYR 18.90+ (MYR 19.85 nett). The mantis prawn caused the broth to be sweeter.

Please click on the menu above to have a larger image.

These are the other choices available. Please click on it for a larger photo so that the wordings are legible.

The address for this eatery in OUG.

Big Prawn display.

It was drizzling that day but we spotted the prawn sign from our car.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Big Enough

I went there again with my spouse to share this big big breakfast recommended by PH and it was as nice as said. At MYR 29+ (10% service charge = MYR 31.90 nett) I would say that it is good value for money. My spouse ordered sunny side up eggs and I just ate 1 of the whites while he ate two yolks and 1 white. The 2 slices of pork belly bacon is crispy and thicker than those served by other eateries. The mushrooms and tomato that were underneath the sausage and bacon slices were tasty too.

As there were no greens on the plate of big breakfast, I ordered a salad (with 5 pieces of siu yuk - roast pork belly) to share with my spouse at the same price MYR 29+ (MYR 31.90 nett). I like that the dressing was served separately in a small saucer. It was a very big portion of greens and we took some time to finish it.

A rounded brunch at three little pigs and the big bad wolf at the Tropicana City Mall.

Must order cakes too to take advantage of the get 1 free promotion. A slice of chocolate walnut cake at MYR 12+ (MYR 13.20 nett).

A slice of mocha cake at the same price of MYR 13.20 nett but was foc due to the promotion. I kept half of the cakes for tea at home.

Mini christmas trees at the cake display counter.

We took advantage of the get 1 free coffee promotion too - Cafe Latte at MYR 9+ (MYR 9.90 nett) and Espresso at MYR 8+ (MYR 8.80 nett). The item with the lower price (Espresso) is foc due to the promotion. 

MYR 86.90 nett for a satisfying brunch.

Other promotions.

For those who drinks.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Laduree at Pavilion

I have eaten a few macarons in KL but always find them to be too sweet so I do not understand why they are so popular. Then I read that the best macarons are made by Laduree in France so I told myself that if I ever visit Paris again, I am going to try the macarons at Laduree.

Near the end of November this year, Laduree is finally available in KL at the Pavilion Mall so I do not need to fly to Paris to taste their macarons.

Standing in queue to buy the macarons as takeaways.

They sell other dainty pastries too.

I bought 5 macarons only so they were put into a paper bag for me.

Laduree (Paris) since 1862

My selection: Rose, Raspberry, Pistachio, Mocha and Chocolate. I like the Rose macaron the best because the rose taste is quite subtle and I can taste the almond in the two almond meringue biscuit discs which are very light in texture. So light that they disappear very quickly when in the mouth. So very quickly until my friend says that he did not even know that he has eaten it. The chocolate and mocha filling are very rich and creamy. I can detect raspberry fruit pieces in the filling of the raspberry macaron. Well I must say that they do indeed live up to their name.

Each macaron costs MYR 12 nett. I did not buy the macarons in the premium range that costs MYR 18 nett each. The macarons are also sold in pretty boxes with prices starting from MYR100 onwards. There is a small dining area for customers who prefer not to have takeaways. I will need to save up to enjoy the other pastries here. Till next time. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Colourful Decor

They were still setting it up when I was there previously.  Now everything is ready and shining brightly! Santa Claus flying in on his sledge with the reindeer. I believe there is a wishing well next to the green pavilion in the middle of the display.

"All I want for Christmas..." is the theme at The Curve.

Many people taking photos of the reindeer.

Very colourful. I managed to catch a singing and dancing performance at the pavilion with green roof.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Mr Fish at Starling Mall

Grouper Fillet Thin Mee Hoon in Clear Soup at MYR17.90++ (5% service charge and 6% GST) which is MYR19.95 nett. I like that there is quite a lot of greens (yin choy) in the bowl. 

6 pieces of thick Grouper Fillet which are so delicious! This noodle is now my favourite fish fillet noodle.

Shop interior.

Divider Ornaments

I have been to Mr Fish at Damansara Kim and now I can say that I have been to the one in the Starling Mall as well. Combo meals are not available but all the noodles are served with free drinks - a choice of pandan lemongrass drink or green tea drink and all of us selected the pandan lemon grass drink.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Family Oden

3 sticks just to try for MYR 6.60 nett. Flavourful and tasty! We made a request for no soup/broth.

The items we bought to try.