Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sheng Kee at MyTown Shopping Centre

We were at MyTown Shopping Centre and did not know what to eat until we spotted Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert which we have been to its outlet in One Utama so we decided to eat there.

HK dumpling noodles - MYR14.90++ (10% service charge and 6% GST) - MYR17.40 nett. 

Glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaves - MYR6.90++ (MYR8.05 nett).

I like the very soft glutinous rice.

There is a bit of salted egg yolk inside. Yums!

Crispy Fish Skin MYR6.90++ (MYR8.05 nett).

Osmanthus Aloe Vera - MYR7.90++ (MYR9.20 nett)

Honey BBQ Baos - MYR5.50++ (MYR6.40 nett)

One of the eateries with more patrons.

Total for 4 pax is MYR49.10 nett

Monday, June 26, 2017

Village scene

Decor at MidValley Mall

Friday, June 23, 2017

Sour Soup Vermicelli

We brought some friends to try out Pho Vietz at Sri Petaling and this time I ordered the Sour Soup Vermicelli which has 3 prawns in it and it is more spicy than sour (MYR22.90+ which is MYR25.20 nett).

We also ordered the 3 layered drink and a pot of Atiso (Artichoke) Tea at MYR7.90+ (MYR8.70 nett) each. The Atiso Tea has a nice fragrance. Our friends agreed that the 3 layered drink is like drinking undiluted coconut milk, it is that thick so we have to wait for the ice cubes to melt for the drink to be diluted.

With Beef Pho and Pork Chop rice, the total bill is MYR104.95 nett for 4 pax.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Olive Garden

Olive Garden at Midvalley Mall offers a lunch set menu where the main dish is accompanied by salad, soup, a drink and unlimited breadsticks so 3 of us went there for our weekday lunch.

The salad for the 3 of us was served in one big bowl instead of 3 individual salad bowls. We were given 4 breadsticks in round 1 and we did not ask for refills. The breadsticks were soft instead of crunchy breadsticks so they should be called bread rolls instead.

I chose beef soup and both of my friends chose chicken soup. All 3 of us ordered the seafood pasta (prawns, scallops and mussels) at MYR24.90++ (10% service charge and 6% GST making it MYR29 nett). After eating the breadstick, salad, soup and because I wanted to eat dessert, I kept all my pasta inside my container to eat during dinner. There were many thick slices of potatoes with skin in the beef soup so I was very full from eating all the potatoes.

All 3 of us ordered Lipton iced tea without the ice cubes. Only me alone ordered an add on dolcini (mini dessert) of strawberry and white chocolate cake at MYR5.90++ (MYR6.80 nett) so I spent a total of about MYR36 for lunch and dinner.

My dolcini (Mini dessert) with white chocolate on top, layered with cream, strawberry pieces in strawberry jam and cubes of cakes. Of course it was sweet but I like the strawberry taste so it sort of makes the sweetness more bearable.

Olive Garden at Midvalley Mall. It is located next to Madam Kwan.

Our total bill for 3 is about MYR94.

The pasta which I ate for dinner on the same day. Still very tasty!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Nouveau 7

I was accompanying a friend at 10 Boulevard (along Sprint Highway near Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara) for an errand during lunch time so we randomly walked into a bar/eatery (Nouveau 7) when we saw a signboard advertising set lunches with drinks at MYR15 nett each. I chose a pork burger with a hot honey lemon drink. Nouveau is the French word for New.

There were a lot of raw onion rings and tomatoes slices in the burger. The minced pork patty was very thin and soft but acceptable. For MYR15 nett, I don't expect much so this lunch is considered ok.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mutton Murtabak

Mutton Murtabak - MYR7.50++ (5% service charge and 6% GST making it MYR8.35 nett). Quite tasty with the minced mutton fillings but some people may find the mutton taste too strong for them.

Plain Tosai - MYR2.90++ (MYR3.25 nett). This is light eating as the Tosai is thin and will be finished in no time at all. A bit sourish so I like its taste.

Nasi Lemak Beef Rendang - MYR9.48++ (MYR10.55 nett). This nasi lemak beef rendang is better priced than the one we had at Warung and Nyonya Colors. 

Teh Tarik Place has many outlets in many shopping malls but we only like to go to the one in the Curve because it is airy and spacious.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Canton Kitchen

Patin fish in claypot. The dark head looked scary.

Whole steamed village chicken. Most people prefer to eat this chicken with the ginger dip that was provided.

Wild boar curry. Very flavourful. 

Tian Qi Leaves. Anyone knows what vegetable this is? 

Claypot bean curd. Easy to eat dish.

Mushrooms stir-fried with vegetables. I like to eat the mushrooms.

13 at a table.

A fairly new restaurant in Happy Garden.


Friday, June 16, 2017


This time the lotus roots have been replaced by mayonnaise macaroni.

My set lunch - beef slices mixed vegetable rice at about MYR18 plus minus.

Later my friend gave me all the ingredients from her kimchi soup so I had another round of food which I couldn't finish so I took them home for dinner in my container.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Finally I was able to eat at Annie 1 yesterday and order from their Wednesday's special lunch menu. All 3 of us went for item 2 (Sweet and Sour Mince Pork Pattie Rice Set) at MYR7.80+ 6% GST (MYR8.30 nett).

I have seen this lunch set when PH wrote about it so the above is what I expected.

As I like the taste of tomato sauce and potatoes, I find this meal very satisfying and think that the price of MYR8.30 nett is affordable. So it was no surprise that I finished everything on the plate.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

unLock Apple Soup

 We heard about this apple soup so we went to have a try. Can you spot the apple in the bowl? The soup is quite tasty, no MSG detected. The apple gives a tangy yet sweet taste to the soup.

Please click on the above photo to have a larger image. This Apple soup noodle is available as a set lunch with a free drink (Black Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Honey, Honey Lime) and a small scoop of Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream. 

For MYR10.90 nett, we have a choice of Apple Soup and (Fish Balls or Meat Balls) with Rice, Mee Hoon (Vermicelli) or Instant Noodles. For MYR12.90 nett, the choice is Fish Balls with Meat Fillings or Bursting Meat Balls (Meat Balls with Minced Meat Fillings). I tried one bursting meat ball from my friend's bowl and found it to be delicious with the strong fragrance of sesame oil.

unLock Restaurant & Bar in SS2, PJ (SS2/60 Road)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Cho Cha Foodstore

One day, my friend/co worker asked me whether or not I would like to go with her to Petaling Street for lunch as she was meeting her friends who work near there so I said ok without knowing the name of our lunch place.  The place turns out to be Cho Cha Foodstore at 156, Petaling Street. Cho Cha in Cantonese means "坐茶" - sit and drink tea. We parked at an open car park nearby which charges MYR4 for each hour with a max parking rate of MYR10 nett per entry.

CFC - Cincalok marinated chicken, tomato chutney and tomato salsa at about MYR26 - I am not sure about the prices because our vegan friend gave us a treat for this lunch. These deep fried chicken pieces are very crispy. I read online that some people feel that it is too dry but to me, it is not. I like it because it is not oily at all.

Zucchini and Kyuri (Japanese cucumber) Salad - about MYR20 - our vegan friend had this dish and he says that it is very tasty.

Bang Bang Chicken - about MYR22 - shredded chicken, glass noodle, housemade chilli oil. I took some shredded chicken before my friends mix everything up so it was not spicy for me.

Mushroom Frittata - about MYR22 - Frittata is an Italian dish that is similar to omelette. The egg base tastes nice but I find the mushrooms to be a bit too salty for me. My friends ordered a bowl of rice each but I did not eat any rice. All 4 of us non-vegan shared the 3 meat dishes while our vegan friend just ate the salad. We did not order any cold tea or coffee so we were provided with foc drinking water.

The place is renovated to retain the antique charms.

I did not take a photo of the exterior of this eatery so the above image is from Google streetview. Cho Cha Foodstore is located inside the grey/gray building next to the green building. The owner/architect has kept the old look of the Mah Lian Hotel built in 1969.